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Best Exercise For Weight Loss at Home

Do you have a treadmill at home, or do you prefer doing exercises on your own? You may find it difficult to decide which exercise is best for you, but there are a few great options that can be done in your home, with minimal equipment. One of these options is bodyweight exercises. You can perform these by simply lifting free weights on your back and arms, as well as by touching the floor with your bare hands.


Performing planks is an excellent exercise to burn belly fat and improve balance. As you practice this exercise, make sure to watch your body’s reaction. The primary purpose of planking is to engage the abdominal muscles and burn belly fat. Holding the position for long periods will distract your muscles from their primary function. Holding it for no longer than 30 seconds is still sufficient for achieving the desired result.

Start by holding the plank position for approximately 20 seconds, then slowly increase the duration by squeezing your glutes and quads. As you progress, you can increase the difficulty by alternating the set with other exercises. Try holding the position for thirty to sixty seconds before varying the time. To reach the highest possible level of difficulty, try doing two to three sets of 10 reps.

The plank is a total body exercise that builds strength in the core, arms, shoulders, and back. It also engages the core and stabilizes joints. Even if you’re a beginner, you can do planks for at least a few minutes at a time. And you won’t be surprised at how much better you feel after just a few weeks of consistent planking.

Bodyweight Squats

The main benefit of Bodyweight Squats is that you can do them anywhere, even in the privacy of your home. They improve your functional mobility and strength, and you can do them without equipment. They also burn calories and improve your overall health. If you’re looking for a home workout that can help you lose weight, bodyweight squats are a great option.

For beginners, you should perform one round of each exercise. Start with 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. Increase the number of reps you complete with each workout. Advanced users should aim to perform two rounds, pausing for 1 minute after each round. They can also do five rounds of each exercise, taking 15-20 seconds between rounds. However, it’s important to monitor your progress closely, so you don’t injure yourself or strain your body.

Unlike many other exercises, Bodyweight Squats require no equipment. They are low impact on joints and can be done in a short period. There are several variations of Bodyweight Squats, including step-ups, jump squats, touch-the-ground jumping jacks, and burpees. Single-leg squats are also good exercises for weight loss at home.

Bodyweight Push-ups

Push-ups are a popular bodyweight exercise that will build upper body strength and tone muscles. You can perform push-ups using just your bodyweight or you can add dumbbells or push-up bars. When performing push-ups, make sure your hands are under your shoulders. You can also modify the exercise by doing knee push-ups or incline push-ups. Before you begin, consult a doctor if you have an injury.

The number of push-ups you do each day depends on your fitness level and age. Most fitness trainers recommend doing push-ups in sets of three or more. One set should consist of as many push-ups as you can do in two minutes. Do not push yourself too hard as your body will eventually tire. Push-ups should be challenging, not painful. Ensure you rest properly after each set.

Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises for losing weight. To do push-ups, bend your elbows at a 45-degree angle. Bend your arms as you push yourself up. Your elbows should be slightly bent. You can also adjust the angle of your body to make it harder for your arms. To increase your challenge, use objects to hold onto as targets. This will exercise the triceps.

Bodyweight exercises are easy to do at home. They are accessible and affordable, which is a bonus. Bodyweight exercises are great for burning fat without a gym membership. And because they are not complicated to perform, even beginners can complete them. Moreover, they can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And they don’t require any special equipment. This makes them the best exercise for weight loss at home.

Bodyweight Jogging

Running is one of the best exercises for weight loss because it incorporates your entire body into the workout. Running at an average pace of four to six mph burns 298 calories in thirty minutes. The pace of jogging is more aerobic, and a 70kg person can burn 298 calories per minute jogging at a 5-mph pace. It is also very effective at burning visceral fat, which is found around the internal organs.

Bodyweight exercises cause your heart rate to increase, burning calories quickly. They also recruit more muscles, which burn more fat. You can also benefit from the full range of motion, which helps your body stay mobile. And, because you’re jogging, your heart rate will stay elevated for up to 24 hours. There’s no need to join a gym or a fitness club to lose weight.

Bodyweight Step Ups

A bodyweight steps up is an easy way to burn calories at home. Stand upright with your right leg resting on a box or floor, and extend your left leg upwards. Repeat as many times as possible. If you have trouble performing the exercise, adjust your step by lowering the weight on the floor and using your other leg instead. Initially, the exercise can be difficult, but it will get easier with practice.

To maximize the benefits of this exercise, use a heavier weight. This will help you target the cardiovascular system faster. You can also use a bench, plyometric box, or weights. The height of the box should be appropriate so you can stand tall. The weight should be evenly distributed on your foot resting on the box. While performing the exercise, keep your arms at your sides, gripping the floor with the other foot.

Bodyweight Step Ups are the best home fitness exercise for weight loss because you can do them in your living room, basement, or anywhere else you want. It’s the perfect workout for busy schedules. A 185-pound person can burn 131 calories while doing lunges for 15 minutes. Adding a few weights or other resistance to your exercise will increase your muscle mass, which will allow you to burn more calories.

Interval running

Despite what many people think, interval running is the most effective home exercise for weight loss. Unlike regular running, which burns more calories per minute, interval running changes the way your body metabolizes stored fat. Intervals last for as little as five minutes, but the body will adapt to the higher intensity and shortened rest periods of interval training. To get the most out of interval running, you should incorporate it into your weekly workout.

If you’re new to interval running, it may seem daunting. The 10-minute intervals can seem like too much work. What’s worse, you’re not sure exactly how much you need to burn or at what pace. And, you may be nervous about the injury-prone path of long-distance running. That’s why interval running can be intimidating – especially if you don’t know what your target weight is. Plus, it’s not easy to know where to start, so it’s important to follow the appropriate training program.

To maximize the benefits of interval training, you must first warm-up. Start by running for a few minutes. This will prepare your body for interval training and reduce the risk of injury. Then, begin the workout by completing 15 intervals of twenty seconds at about eighty percent of your maximum sprint. Once you’ve finished 15 intervals, rest for forty-five seconds. Repeat this process for 20 minutes. Make sure to hold back during the first few intervals to avoid overworking your muscles.

Best Exercise For Weight Loss at Home

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