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Lose Twenty Pounds in Two Weeks

When you lose twenty pounds in two weeks, the temptation is there to go right back to the old ways. You want that sexy tummy again and look like a Hollywood starlet right away. That’s not necessary, though. While it may be nice to look good, it’s not the reason you’re going to lose weight.

It’s not even close. It’s pointless to think about losing weight while you have excess weight around your middle. People’s main mistake when trying to lose twenty pounds in two weeks is thinking that any food they eat will instantly get rid of the fat. It doesn’t work that way.

You see, your metabolism needs to run first before your body can burn calories and melt fat. It takes time for the new fat cells to grow and not become stuck anywhere. So you can’t lose fat by eating one pound of anything at any given moment. So, how can you lose twenty pounds in two weeks?

• First, you have to slow down on calorie intake. Calorie intake determines not only how much you weigh but also how much your body uses. If you take in more calories than you use, you’ll just put more on as fat.

• The second thing to do is to start burning more calories. Staying active is the way to go for this. Go to the gym or pick up a light exercise book and start doing some brisk walking every day. You might also try jogging. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must be physically active.

• Third is to quit drinking alcohol. This is a double blow for most people, but it has to be done. Drinking will make you fat and damage your liver and heart. Quit drinking altogether and lose weight at the same time. It’s easier than you think.

• Fourth is to change your diet and make necessary adjustments in your lifestyle. Don’t eat too much junk food and eat too much fast food. Don’t buy any supplements that claim to burn your belly fat. There are no such things. If they say they are, be sure to read the label.

• Fifth, don’t overdo exercise. If you go hard on the exercise, it might think you are losing weight. You aren’t. You’re just fooling around with your muscles and not losing fat. You want to lose twenty pounds in two weeks, not lose one. So limit your workouts to something you enjoy and do them enough to see results. So if you have a busy schedule or are in college, try to squeeze in some exercise here and there. If you find yourself easily distracted, put it aside for a while. Doing this will help you lose weight in a shorter amount of time. That’s how to lose weight in two weeks.

• Six, eat fewer calories. The idea is that you want to lose weight as fast as possible because when you add more calories, you put more weight on. That is why you want to eat smaller meals more often.

• Seventh, stop doing those sugary and fattening desserts. You don’t want to lose weight in two weeks by only eating cakes and cookies. If you have a sweet tooth, put an end to it for a while. You don’t want to have those sweet cravings to add to your weight gain. It will make losing weight harder than it has to be.

• Finally, take vitamins. There are plenty of vitamin supplements available. Just buy the ones that say they are made specifically for dieting. You don’t want something that will kill your diet plan or give you a lifetime of diseases.

The truth is that many people think they can lose twenty pounds in two weeks when all they need to do is to lose some fat. When they eat right and get some exercise, they lose some weight. But if they don’t do anything else to lose that weight, then there is no way that they will be able to keep it off.

Lose Twenty Pounds in Two Weeks

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